Iguazu Falls

Day 1.  Iguazu Falls.  An excellent weekend destination before or after a business trip to Sao Paulo is Iguazu Falls National Park.  Stay on the Brazil side of the border at Hotel das Cataratas.  The trail for the waterfalls begins immediately in front of the hotel.  No guide is needed.  Just proceed at a leisurely pace, walking out on the viewing platforms.

Day 2.  Inside the Falls.  While the Hotel das Cataratas offers many excursions, opt for speedboat rafting.  The high-powered boat will bounce up the rapids, dodging rocks, all the way to the waterfall.  The captain will then advise everyone to “hold your breath” as he drives right into the cascade.  The water pounds the passengers and makes breathing impossible.

Hotel: Hotel das Cataratas

Photo Tip: At the Devil’s Throat platform

Back Camera

Photo Tip: Inside the Falls



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